Key definitions

Key definitions

Since 2012 the term for ‘Green Infrastructure’ has been adopted by our industry for including ground level urban landscaping practices with new technology and regenerative outcomes.

The inclusion of Canopy Planting; Urban Forests; Rain Gardens; Street Swales; Green Corridors; Parks; Gardens and Urban Agriculture deliver similar TBL benefits achieved by Green Roofs & Living Walls.

The definition for Green Infrastructure being all of the above practices.

Municipalities need to act as 'moderators' and involve the local community in urban planning, suggests @JureSumi. This is the way to go to make our cities more sustainable and inclusive 🌱


We need to bring green
near to every citizen for their health and wellbeing. #Greenroofs can help to do that. They are affordable and easy to implement, says @JureSumi at
#NewEuropeanBauhaus Festival 🌱👬

Hello from the #NewEuropeanBauhaus Festival in Brussels! Our own @JureSumi is speaking in the 1st session about how to build sustainable, beautiful and inclusive cities 🌱🚲🏡

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