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Renaturing Cities and Restoring the Natural Water Cycle Through Green Infrastructure

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 3, 2018: close-up of some of the shops and the public park on top of them at DakparkInvestments in urban green infrastructure is the solution to extreme weather events, writes Luigi Petito for Living Architecture Monitor.​ According to...

European Union relies on green roofs in cities and towns to help reach new biodiversity targets

Macro of a honey bee (apis mellifera) on a mint (menta piperita) blossom with blurred bokeh background; pesticide free environmental protection save the bees biodiversity concept;Green and blue infrastructure give an essential contribution to urban biodiversity,...

WGIN’s participation at New European Bauhaus Festival 2022

Jure Šumi speaking at New European Bauhuas Festival Municipalities need to act as 'moderators' and involve the local community in urban planning, suggests WGIN board member Jure Šumi. This is the way to go to make our cities more sustainable and inclusive On 9 June...

Different green roofs for different local needs and environment

Knauf Insulation project, Dubai UAE We have already been talking about the real performance of green roofs, in terms of improved energy efficiency, better storm-water management, lower heat-island effects and more – because it’s all about achieving good environment...

WGIN Chapter for Emerging Professionals is Launched

One of CEP’s online meetings held on December 11, 2021World Green Infrastructure Network Chapter for Emerging Professionals is LaunchedThe World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) has formally launched the Chapter for Emerging Professionals (CEP). The official launch...

Grey to Green Virtual Conference

© Green Roofs for Healthy CitiesGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) is excited to announce the Grey to Green Conference, to be held virtually on June 22 from 10am - 4:30pm and June 23 from 10am - 6pm est.  Cost: $175 USD for one day, or $349 USD for both days....

The winner “BuGG Green Roof of the Year” 2021 is announced!

BuGG President Dr. Gunter Mann (centre) presents the managing directors of Landschaftsarchitektur+ Felix Holzapfel-Herziger (left) and Julian Benesch (right) with the winner's badges for the “BuGG Green Roof of the Year” 2021. Source: Landschaftsarchitektur+ / BuGGThe...

Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructure Book

The World Green Infrastructure Network continues with its own publications. After its first book “Green Cities in the World” in 2014, the update in 2015 and the Spanish version in 2016, the “Vertical urban agriculture” book followed in 2018. Now you have our new book...

World Congress of Building Greening 2023 in Berlin

The World Congress of Building Greening 2023 in Berlin is a multi-day event concerning the greening of buildings (greening of roofs, façades and indoor areas) with the associated accompanying topics (e. g. urban climate, rainwater management, sustainability). The...

Call for Proposals: CitiesAlive 2022

CitiesAlive 2022 is finally back in person and will be held in Philadelphia from October 16th-19th, 2022. It will focus on the theme of “Green Infrastructure & Water in a Changing Climate”. CitiesAlive 2022 is now accepting proposals for presentations and research...


Living Building Envelop in the North of Italy

Living Building Envelop in the North of Italy

© Partner und Partner Architekten New office building built as solid timber construction following the cradle to cradle principles in the North of Italy. The façade is designed with continuous planters on each level, providing a habitat for various climbing/trailing...

Green Roof Maia Forum

Green Roof Maia Forum

Images: © NeoturfThe potential to promote biodiversity in cities is one of the great advantages of green roofs. These can be designed as connecting points of green infrastructure and habitats for species existing in other areas of cities or as habitats for species...

Key Definition: Living Wall

Key Definition: Living Wall

Living wall: A living wall is a vertical vegetated wall system with irrigation. A living wall system is variable depending on the climatic conditions and there is no proven formula for plant specification, even the most successful walls have evolved from the time of...

Key Definition: Green Roof

Key Definition: Green Roof

Green roof: (Also referred to as living roofs; eco roofs; ecotecture; roofscapes.) Their usage dates back to 10thC BC throughout Persia with particular reference to Babylon, as green roofs were used as a storm-water management system irrigating a stepped series of...

Key Definition: Green Infrastructure

Key Definition: Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure: There is an international movement towards the regeneration of urban landscapes due to an increased awareness about human impact on the environment. As urban development and populations increase there is a greater demand to improve upon the...

World Congress of Building Greening 2020

World Congress of Building Greening 2020

Weltkongress Gebäudegrün - World Congress of Building Greening. The event has been postponed to 2022. The new date is:World Congress of Building Greening 2022May 10 - 12, 2022Mercure Hotel Moa Berlin. Please find more information...

We welcome the @EU_Commission proposal to revise 🇪🇺 rules on the treatment of urban #wastewaster 💧

#Greenroofs have an important role to play to support #water management in cities, while making them more resilient to climate hazards 🌱🏙️

#UWWTD #GreenCities

🌱Greenery transforms the roof into a green oasis in the middle of the city, providing a pleasant environment for employees.

💡 Read more about how #greenroofs shaped the new @axelspringer offices in #Berlin👉

.@EU_ENV Deputy DG @childp_child says the Commission knows well the benefits of #greenroofs for #water retention, which is especially important in urban areas 🏡🌧️

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