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A new model of “urban forestation” to reduce energy costs

At EIMA, the international agricultural machinery exhibition in Bologna (Italy), the World Green Infrastructure Network presented proposals for new standards on green areas in rural, commercial and public building renovations and new construction.The association's...

Renaturing our cities for climate action and citizens’ wellbeing – Open letter to the EU Commission

Boosting the uptake of green infrastructure through new EU rules on buildings’ energy performance can lead the way for decarbonised, healthier and more biodiverse buildings and cities, 36 organisations representing industry associations, companies, universities, think...

Why greening cities should be a pillar of climate action

By interweaving green infrastructure with the built environment, we can tackle some of the effects of human-induced warming locally, writes Luigi Petito, Head of WGIN EU Chapter, in the Autumn edition of Living Architecture MonitorThis summer’s extreme weather...

WGIN members to implement Blue-Green infrastructure projects in Poland

Photo “PIASTÓW”: © psdzThe Polish Green Roof Association (PSDZ) together with the Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure (NFGI), both WGIN members, will implement Blue-Green Infrastructure projects in two Polish cities: Konin and Piastów, in the frame of the...

Study confirms green roofs’ positive impacts on solar panels

We at WGIN have for long known that green roofs can positively impact the performance of solar panels. Now, an Australian comprehensive study shows green roofs’ benefits across energy savings, CO2 reduction and an increase in biodiversity.Carried out in a district of...

In the press | Rainwater as a resource in the city

Blue-green infrastructure are key to help adapt urban rainwater management to climate change, reports Tagesspiegel Background (Germany).In Germany and the EU, experts are calling for more commitment to adapting urban rainwater management to climate change. The focus...

Living architecture monitor: Summer Edition

Summer 2021: The Climate Issue While the Climate Crisis clearly threatens us, it also provides a powerful motivation to fight it by embracing rapid change. Much of this change is already taking the form of new and positive policy developments, exciting design...

Have Your Say: European Commission Consults on New Stormwater Policies

April 2021 was the wettest and coldest April on record, yet summer in Europe could not have had a better start for green infrastructure. Let’s find out why.In the Summer edition of Living Architecture Monitor (LAM), Head of EU World Green Infrastructure Network Luigi...

Launch of Sempergreen white paper: ‘Building for Biodiversity’

How can green roofs contribute to promoting biodiversity in urban areas? WGIN member Sempergreen developed a white paper ‘Building for biodiversity’, which answers this question and aims to raise awareness among architects, property developers, governments, and other...

In the press | Jure Šumi: “Green infrastructure bring life to cities”

Azotea del Instituto Nacional de Biologia, en Liubliana, capital de Eslovenia. © DANILO BEVKIn an interview to top-ranking Spanish media outlet El Pais, Jure Sumi, president of the Slovenian Green Infrastructure Association and Representative of the WGIN European...


McDonald’s created a green flagship restaurant in Orlando, Florida

McDonald’s created a green flagship restaurant in Orlando, Florida

Images first and last: ©Sempergreen Services LLC. Images others: ©Kate Joyce/Ross Barney ArchitectsMcDonald’s has opened a sustainable flagship restaurant at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. With this pilot project, they’re aiming to have the first...

Boathouse Trboje – Catering facility next to the river

Boathouse Trboje – Catering facility next to the river

The Boathouse Trboje is simple structure build to provide catering to all those who spend time doing sports on the Sava River (kayaking, supping,…) as well as for those who like countryside cycling and stop here to relax for a while in the cool shadows on the...

Green island in the city with building greening

Green island in the city with building greening

All pictures © Optigrün international AGGreen island in the centre of Düsseldorf instead of a city motorway – building greening makes it possible.Location: Kö-Bogen IICity: Düsseldorf / GermanyDate:  2020 Designer/Project owner: Ingenhoven architects, Jointventure...

Key Definition: Living Wall

Key Definition: Living Wall

Living wall: A living wall is a vertical vegetated wall system with irrigation. A living wall system is variable depending on the climatic conditions and there is no proven formula for plant specification, even the most successful walls have evolved from the time of...

Key Definition: Green Roof

Key Definition: Green Roof

Green roof: (Also referred to as living roofs; eco roofs; ecotecture; roofscapes.) Their usage dates back to 10thC BC throughout Persia with particular reference to Babylon, as green roofs were used as a storm-water management system irrigating a stepped series of...

Key Definition: Green Infrastructure

Key Definition: Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure: There is an international movement towards the regeneration of urban landscapes due to an increased awareness about human impact on the environment. As urban development and populations increase there is a greater demand to improve upon the...

World Congress of Building Greening 2020

World Congress of Building Greening 2020

Weltkongress Gebäudegrün - World Congress of Building Greening. The event has been postponed to 2022. The new date is:World Congress of Building Greening 2022May 10 - 12, 2022Mercure Hotel Moa Berlin. Please find more information...

There are a lot of green organizations in Brazil, and more that are developing. Focusing on nature based trends, it's exciting to see the application of green roofs around the world.

So far, green infrastructure and their benefits are mentioned in the following EU policies and initiatives: Biodiversity Strategy for 2021, Renovation Wave, Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Cliamte Adaptation Strategy, and many more.

What a positive start to CitiesAlive!

For very Spontaneous People: Bitte außerdem nicht unseren #Bundeskongress am 23./24.11. in Berlin + online vergessen! Kind Reminder for BuGG Event:

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