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The World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN), established in 2009, is a non-profit organization of national and regional industry sector associations that share a mission to disseminate information and research about green infrastructure and promote nature-based solutions in urban areas.

WGIN currently has 22 national members and nine corporate members, which meet once a year at the World Green Infrastructure Congress, to promote the industry in each host country.WGIN has published numerous books that provide resources on green infrastructure benefits, policies, codes and standards profiling the work of its members from around the world.

At its Board meeting in Oslo in 2019, WGIN decided to start an EU Chapter of the network, with the aim of increasing the awareness of EU policymakers about the multiple benefits of green infrastructure with a specific focus on Building Integrated Vegetative systems (green roof and living walls).

In 2017, the estimated number of green roofs installed across 11 EU countries was 12 million square metres representing an investment of approximately 361 million Euros.  Through the work of the EU Chapter, our goal over the next three to five years is to grow that by 20% i.e. to 35 million square metres representing an investment of over 1 billion Euros

Thus far, three leading companies in the green roofs and walls sector have agreed to participate in WGIN’sEUChapter and contribute to implementing its advocacy. These firms are: Urbanscape (Knauf Insulation), Sempergreen, and Optigrun.


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