DF French School

DF French School

In an educational building.

Chosen in an international Brazil-France competition, the project hosts the French School located in Brasília, Brazil’s capital city. The desing integrates harmoniously with the surroundings, as it respects the mold defined by the slope of Brasília’s urban design. The building presents a modular rhythm with several voids that allow the user to constantly observe the external landscapes, contemplating green spaces and sunlight. Biophilia, highlighted in the several green roofs dressing the building rooftops, increases motivation, improves users’ mood and performance and does not limit learning to the classroom alone.

A community garden

Green Roof/Wall System: Single Source Provider

Roof/Wall Size: 3300 sqm

Roof Accessibility/Amenity: Yes

Number of Greenroofs / Walls on Property: 1

Roof/Wall Slope: 3

Open to the Public: Yes

Designer: Instituto Cidade Jardim
Year: 2020
City: Rio de Janeiro

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