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The World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) is the global peak body for the green infrastructure industry, representing 22 nations.

WGIN was founded in 2007 to advocate, promote and raise awareness about the economical, environmental and social benefits of urban vegetation such as green roofs; living walls; urban forests; street canopy tress; rain gardens; street swales; parks and green urban corridors.

Since 2009, WGIN has hosted an international congress in a selected city bringing together global experts, students, professionals, government and the commercial sector exhibiting at our congress expo.

In 2019 WGIN established an E.U. Chapter to lobby and offer advice on green infrastructure developments, technology innovation and supportive policy to advance the inclusion of more vegetative systems within the European urban fabric.

WGIN is a not-for-profit association and depends on philanthropy; corporate sponsorship and our registered members to achieve our goals. Consider joining WGIN and help us advocate for a greener sustainable planet.

Warm regards and enjoy our website.

Matt Dillon (WGIN Vice President)

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