Dionaea-Vrtovi – known for its expertise in landscape architecture, design and construction – joins WGIN! 

Dionaea-Vrtovi – known for its expertise in landscape architecture, design and construction – joins WGIN! 

Image: www.dionaea.hr

World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) is delighted to welcome Dionaea-Vrtovi as our newest corporate member as of 1 December 2023.

Dionaea-Vrtovi has joined WGIN as our newest corporate member, as effective from 1 December 2023. Renowned for its expertise in landscape architecture, including designing and building residential, public, business and private gardens and parks, the company’s success is rooted in a passionate team of landscape architects, complemented by a resourceful and hardworking team in the field. 

Dionaea-vrtovi strive to infuse functionality, innovation, and creativity into every project while upholding principles of social responsibility and preserving both natural and cultural values. With a remarkable 25-year legacy, the company has left a lasting mark on the global landscape, having successfully completed over 200 projects across three continents. 

Manfred Koehler, President of the World Green Infrastructure Network, commented:   

“We are thrilled to welcome Dionaea-Vrtovi as a new corporate member of WGIN. Thanks to their expertise in landscape architecture, design and construction, Dionaea-Vrtovi will contribute with its extensive experience and innovative solutions to further promote urban green infrastructure. Together, we aim to cultivate greener, more sustainable environments that harmonize with nature and enrich the lives of communities around the world.”   

Nataša Tiška Vrsalović, CEO of Dionaea-Vrtovi and Certified Landscape Architect commented: 

“I am very excited about the opportunity for Dionaea-Vrtovi to collaborate with WGIN and continue to contribute towards the global green infrastructure movement and its sustainability goals. After decades of dedicated work and numerous design and construction projects, we are happy to share our expertise and solutions to overcoming challenges of the profession, as well as learn from others who are aiming towards the same goal. I believe that WGIN is the ideal network for reaching green infrastructure goals on the global scale.” 

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Luigi Petito   
Head of Secretariat  
World Green Infrastructure Network – EU Chapter  



The World Green Infrastructure Network (WGIN) is a collaborative global network promoting the integration of green infrastructure in urban planning. Since 2009, WGIN has expanded to represent 22 National Associations and has held 10 World Green Infrastructure Congresses. WGIN has established supportive working research committees and has an active board of directors representing 11 nations. In 2019, WGIN set up a European Chapter to raise awareness among EU policymakers about the multiple benefits of green infrastructure. Our motto is “vegetation makes it possible.”

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