EU Policy Innovations Support Green Infrastructure Amid Climate Transition

EU Policy Innovations Support Green Infrastructure Amid Climate Transition

University Warsaw’s Library – Beautiful and Multi-Functional Rooftop Gardens. 

Policy innovation is key to increase green infrastructure amid the combined climate, energy and health crisis, writes Luigi Petito for Living Architecture Monitor. Read how the next 18 months are key for EU green legislation.

We live in a time of unprecedented social, environmental, and economic change. To manage and hopefully guide the transition, and to address the multiple challenges it raises, particularly when it comes to the climate, we need innovation and resilience. Resilience and innovation go hand in hand. We show resilience in our capacity to face multiple crises, for example the combined climate, energy and health crisis, adapt and rethink what we consider taken for granted. When we innovate, we go beyond resilience, bringing forward new ideas, methods and devices that provide solutions.

The green transformation of cities is the quintessence of resilience. We have a large body of evidence showing that the deployment of green infrastructure in urban areas delivers solutions to adapting to and managing environmental and societal challenges ranging from rainwater management to increased biodiversity, energy savings and the improved mental health and wellbeing of citizens. 

Read the full article by Luigi Petito in Living Architecture Monitor.

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