European Parliament shares its view on the revised Pollinators Initiative

European Parliament shares its view on the revised Pollinators Initiative

The European Parliament approves a resolution endorsing & sharing its priorities on the European Commission’s Revised Pollinators Initiative. 

On 23 November 2023, the European Parliament approved a resolution on the revised Pollinators Initiative. This is a non-binding document expressing the priorities of the European Parliament on the initiative in order to best shape and ensure the successful implementation of the Commission’s Revised Pollinators Initiative, adopted earlier this year. 

The resolution highlights key points aimed at promoting the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in urban areas, specifically focusing on protecting the pollinator populations. It emphasizes the importance of the integration of these concerns into urban planning practices and calls on all Member States to monitor pollinator populations in cities, while encouraging the sharing of best practices among cities. 

A significant aspect of the resolution is that it stresses the benefits of green roofs and vertical gardens in providing habitats for pollinators, contributing to urban sustainability, and enhancing the quality of life of citizens.  

The resolution also proposes the creation of a “nature fund” in the European Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). The MFF itself will be defined sometime in 2027. The resolution’s various elements will be subject to the considerations of the European Commission and the Member States. 

Read the full text here: 

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