Future-proof building: Unique residential area with sloping green roofs

Future-proof building: Unique residential area with sloping green roofs

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This project is a breakthrough in nature-inclusive construction with sloping green roofs and a great example of bio-based construction.

In the Dutch city Uden, new-build project De Bogerd, of housing corporation Area, provides a new benchmark in the field of future-proof building. Creating a green and liveable environment for a broad target group was the main goal when designing this new residential area. The project is a breakthrough in nature-inclusive construction with sloping green roofs, and an excellent example of bio-based construction using wood and other natural materials.

Location: De Bogerd
City: Uden, The Netherlands
Designer / Project Owner: Housing corporation “Area”
Date: June 2023
Green Roof System: Pitched green roof system

Unique sustainable project for the social rental sector

The project consists of 40 social housing units of various dwelling types built on a site where 22 homes used to be. Sempergreen’s sloping green roof system has been applied to all homes, in combination with solar panels. This makes De Bogerd a unique project, as sloping green roofs have never before been applied within the Dutch social housing sector on such a large scale. The sloping green roof system contributes to a pleasant living environment for the residents. In addition, the system is fully recyclable and dismountable, making it a sustainable solution.

Green roofs are stepping stones for local biodiversity

The sloping green roofs act as green stepping stones for the surrounding area. The nearby surroundings are very green, with a park and bioswales. This green zone is now extended to the roofs. This means that birds, bees and other insects can easily find their way around, and can use the roofs as refuge and a source of food. These green roofs therefore make an important contribution to promoting biodiversity in the urban environment.

Dirk van Tillaar, project manager of Area Housing Corporation: “We did not realise beforehand that this would have such an impact on the surrounding area.”

Installing green roofs in winter

These types of green roofs can be installed almost all year round, except during periods of frost. So it is not surprising that the installation of the green roofs took place in winter. Even during snowfall, the installation went on as usual for the most part, as the Sedum plants can withstand the cold. To keep the sloping green roofs beautiful year-round, even during dry and hot summers, the roofs are equipped with drip lines after the substrate was applied, in order to administer water during prolonged dry periods. In addition, the roofs are equipped with a fall protection device so that any maintenance required can be carried out safely.

Contact: Sempergreen.com

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