In the press | Jure Šumi: “Green infrastructure bring life to cities”

In the press | Jure Šumi: “Green infrastructure bring life to cities”

Azotea del Instituto Nacional de Biologia, en Liubliana, capital de Eslovenia. 

In an interview to top-ranking Spanish media outlet El Pais, Jure Sumi, president of the Slovenian Green Infrastructure Association and Representative of the WGIN European Business Group presented the multiple benefits of nature in cities.

The holistic benefits that urban green infrastructure is bringing to cities are relatively little known”, Jure Sumi told El Pais, “People, and even city officials, are not aware of all the positive effects of nature. The benefits go beyond the aesthetic. Green infrastructure brings life to cities, reduces overheating in city centres, manages stormwater and removes dangerous dust particles from the air…. If buildings are designed correctly, green roofs on top can be additional amenity spaces for residents to enjoy nature at home.”

“Not understanding all the benefits brings us to the second challenge”, he explained, “Adding green infrastructure is costly. As the benefits are not yet recognised, investors are not willing to pay much more for ‘green buildings’ as they are not sure how to sell the benefit to potential buyers. They see green infrastructure more as an additional cost than as an opportunity to increase the value of the building. I firmly believe that this is our task, to convince national and municipal governments, as well as investors and residents, to understand the benefits of green infrastructure. In the end everyone wins: municipality, investor, resident and, above all, nature.”

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