Green Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development

Green Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development

The new publication “Green Infrastructure, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development” by Manfred Koehler, Julian Briz, and Isabel de Felipe is now available on Amazon and at Editorial Agrícola.

The publication discusses the interaction of green infrastructures, such as Nature Based Solutions, with climate change to achieve sustainable development. As befits the topics addressed, the approach is very broad, with multidisciplinary authors who make heterogeneous presentations in breadth and objectives.

The 296 page book is divided into three parts. The first one covers the multifunctionality of green infrastructures, which shows its usefulness in several scenarios (chapters 1 to 9), the second presents specific cases of themes or projects developed in specific cities (chapters 10 to 17). Finally, an international area (chapters 18 to 22) and a list of international institutions related to green infrastructures. The variety and complexity of the issues that affect us in these areas means that the target audience is also very diverse. We hope that this work stimulates interaction between all the actors involved in the improvement of our local environment.

The book was also presented at the Agriculture Pavilion of the Madrid International Book Fair on its 83rd anniversary, with more than 500 exhibitors and three million visitors.

To purchase the book, scan the QR codes in the flyer or access it through the links:

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