WGIN at Bled Strategic Forum 2021

WGIN at Bled Strategic Forum 2021



From year to year, we are facing stronger environmental changes. We are failing to meet the Paris 2°C target, sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, CO2 emissions remain at record levels. As more and more pressure arises to take action, we need to seek new, creative and bold solutions. What is the next step towards »Green Recovery«? Alongside environmental challenges, the past year has challenged humanity with the covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought rise to a variety of challenges, human wellbeing being one of them. From lock-down to lock-down, most of humanity saw the importance of social interactions affecting our society and individuals’ mental health. Yet from all of the challenges, human wellbeing remains the most understated. Have we foreseen the next step for »Human Recovery« as well?

We have long known that solving complex problems requires an interdisciplinary approach, that bringing people from various fields together can yield great results and that times of crises also give rise to new opportunities for change. The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary movement in the making, which is fast gaining momentum. It is a platform for experimentation, bringing together citizens, experts, businesses, and Institutions that want to design our future ways of living together. There are many correlations between mental health, wellbeing and nature. Looking at the future and the steps that we as leaders, companies and individuals must take, let’s ask ourselves if helping nature and driving »Green Recovery«, will also help us thrive as humans. Sustainability is not only about helping nature to heal, it is also about creating a thriving environment for humans in the long run.

How can we make the European Green Deal tangible? How do we ensure that changes are inclusive? Do the challenges which arose because of the COVID-19 pandemic also offer opportunities for a new approach? How can collaboration between sectors and industries boost the implementation of the Green Deal?


Dr Saša Bavec, Member of Executive Committee, Knauf Insulation Group

Ms Saša Božič, Founder and CEO, Sophia Academy

Mr Manfred Köhler, President, World Green Infrastructure

Ms Ruth Reichstein, The New European Bauhaus Initiative, Advisory Board to the President, European Commission

Mr David Thomson, Vice President, TFG Hotel Management Company

Ms Anja Zorko, Head, Center for Creativity, Museum of Architecture and Design

Ms Urška Zupanec, Head of Unit for the Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council 2021 program, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia

Moderated by Mr Gregor Benčina, President, Center for Energy Efficient Solutions (CER)


More information: https://bledstrategicforum.org/programme/

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