Green Wall Innovation: Transforming urban spaces

Green Wall Innovation: Transforming urban spaces

©Malabar Gold  

©Malabar Gold  

A plant wall attracts bees and birds, reducing costs and promoting sustainability, leading to a mandate for green walls. Read below a case study of the positive impacts of urban green infrastructure.

Location: Dubai, UAE  
Designer / project owner: Malabar Gold

This project is situated in an industrial area where construction and shipping activities are operational during the daytime. Bees and other birds are attracted to the natural plant wall, which acts as a shelter for these beneficial insects and birds. Additionally, it reduces the temperature of the building, ultimately lowering electricity and power costs. The plants utilized in the green wall contribute to reducing carbon footprints.

The green wall stands out as one of the most captivating and innovative features of this project. Its sustainability, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appeal draw more visitors to the building. Schools and colleges frequently organize visits to this project to comprehend the concept of the green wall and its benefits. The Building Developers Association has made a policy decision to incorporate green walls into all buildings in this area due to their environmental and sustainability advantages.

Green walls, also known as vertical gardens, can dramatically transform the surrounding environment and create a striking visual impact. They add value to your space without sacrificing valuable floor space. Serving as “oxygen factories,” green walls increase humidity and improve air quality while also boasting fantastic acoustic properties.

Gover Group of Companies provides complete solutions for all types of Green Walls/Vertical Garden throughout the Gulf Region. 

Green wall modules are easy to install and can be quickly fixed to any structural wall including brick, concrete, metal or other surfaces. Minimal Structure required for heights above every 8 feet.  

Images ©
Malabar Gold, AL Futtaim and Dubai Properties 

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