Indoor living wall for Beringea office in London

Indoor living wall for Beringea office in London

Green walls: Sempergreen

Designers: Mowat & Co

Installation by Inleaf

Year: 2021

City: London

Location: Beringea Office

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Images: © Chris Horwood and Mowat & Co

The Beringea office in London has undergone a major refurbishment designed by Mowat & Co. The aim of the renovation for the venture capitalist company is to establish a nature to human connection. It was extremely important to turn the traditional office into a hub that creates a sense of calm, warmth, openness and belonging. One of the important aspects that contributed to this matter, is the installed living green wall. This provides a pleasant working environment, it contributes to a more positive state of mind and improves productivity.

Green environment promotes a healthy indoor climate and increases productivity

The work nature of venture capitalists can be very demanding and tends to be a high pressure working environment. The living wall supports to increase the feeling of well-being, as greenery offers relaxation and reduces stress. Moreover, the inclusion of a living wall and greenery in the office can result in a 15% increase in productivity. The plants in a living wall can filter particulate matter from the air and convert CO2 into oxygen. The use of a living green wall is a valuable addition to the interior of any office. 

Number of Green roofs / Walls on Property: 1 green wall, 38,35 m²

Green Roof/Wall System: SemperGreenwall Indoor

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