Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructure Book

Multifunctional Urban Green Infrastructure Book

The World Green Infrastructure Network continues with its own publications. After its first book “Green Cities in the World” in 2014, the update in 2015 and the Spanish version in 2016, the “Vertical urban agriculture” book followed in 2018.

Now you have our new book in your hands, which also updates the overview of national green infrastructure associations around the globe.

The present book is a product of several WGIN members and other selected authors. The aim is to highlight some specific examples of implemented projects around the exiting world of green infrastructure. One focus are insight stories about lessons learned in green infrastructure.

Why this collection?

Green infrastructure has become a hot topic all around the globe; this book can help to expand your knowledge about the associated benefits. Combining construction with plants and incorporating their functionality into the architectural design is today much more accepted than years ago.

This publication is an insight view of several pioneer projects and some detailed solutions, which are worth replicating or adapting to other climates, regions or cultures.

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