Nature Restoration Law negotiations come to a close

Nature Restoration Law negotiations come to a close

The agreed text on Nature Restoration Law sets urban greening targets for EU countries.

During the night of 9 November 2023, the EU Parliament and Council of EU reached an agreement on the first ever Nature Restoration Law in Europe. The final text, which has not yet been publicly shared, mandates Member States to set greening targets in cities. 

More specifically, Member States will need to ensure that there is no net loss of urban green spaces by the end of 2030, unless for urban ecosystems that already have over 45% of green space. After 2031, Member States will have to increase urban green spaces until a “satisfactory level” is reached (which they have to define). The increase in urban green spaces shall also include the integration of green spaces on buildings and infrastructure. 

This is a positive result as it will create momentum for the greening of cities, including roofs and walls, supporting the restoration of biodiversity in urban areas. However, specific attention will have to be given to the way the “satisfactory level” of greening is set and to monitor each cities’ progress. 

Find the Council of the EU Press Release on the Nature Restoration Law agreement here.

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