NRL supported by citizens in countries not backing the law

NRL supported by citizens in countries not backing the law

A survey was administered through the company Savanta to understand the citizens’ position on the Nature Restoration Law in the countries that currently opposed the law in the EU Council.

6,190 respondents were interviewed across Poland, Finland, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, and Hungary between 1st and 9th May 2024. Quotas were set to make the sample nationally representative by age, gender, and region in each country. 

The Nature Restoration Law, an EU response to the interlinked climate and biodiversity crises, has been in a stalemate since March when it lost the necessary majority from Member States, following Hungary’s last-minute U-turn. The survey reveals that the majority of people in countries not supporting the law believe that nature and biodiversity decline will have negative long-term effects on people, farming and the economy and that it must be tackled urgently by restoring ecosystems.

The results come on the heels of a powerful letter sent by 11 environment ministers, urging their counterparts to adopt the law at the upcoming Environment Council meeting on 17 June.

Find the PDF version with all the results of the poll here.

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