WGIN virtual event: Project collaboration incubator


With great pleasure WGIN invites you to the first WGIN open virtual meeting March 26th, 2021: WGIN Project Collaboration Incubator.

The year 2020 has almost completely deprived us of the possibility for direct exchange of experiences and face to face sharing of news from our countries. The mission of WGIN is to promote knowledge development and implementation of green infrastructure (GI), especially green roofs and walls, in all cities of the world. Increasing the pace of urban greening can be facilitated through various programs of support, both at the level of knowledge transfer and practical implementation of green infrastructure. Organizations associated in WGIN differ in structure and origin. Together we have comprehensive representation: scientists, representatives of municipal offices, NGOs, architects, landscape architects, contractors, designers and market suppliers of GI products.

By combining our knowledge and experience, we can make the world greener!

During this WGIN virtual meeting, we aim to discover possibilities for international project cooperation, primarily within Europe. WGIN members and stakeholders will present their organization’s interest and opportunities for international cooperation in projects promoting and implementing green infrastructure. Programs for financial support from the European Union will be presented. WGIN anticipates that similar programs will be launched in the coming years, not only in the EU, but worldwide. By mutually sharing information about our interests, competence, capacity and experience, we can identify possibilities for project collaboration. Project themes identified from the first WGIN Project Collaboration Incubator will set the stage for follow up meetings and discussions in smaller groups on project relevant topics, for example: biodiversity, urban farming, energy efficiency of buildings, health of city dwellers, rainwater retention, prevention and mitigation of urban heat island effect etc.

Please note that WGIN’s role in the incubator is to bring potential project actors together. WGIN doesn’t normally take a project leadership role, but individual WGIN members and board members may, on behalf of other organizations, assume various project participation roles. All meeting attendees will be asked on the event registration form to provide information about their project ideas and potential roles.

Time /place: 10:00 – 11:30 CET, March 26th, 2021 / GoToMeeting (link will be sent to attendees)

Meeting hosts:

Marta Weber – Siwirska – WGIN board member. Chairperson, Polish Green Roof Association

David Brasfield – WGIN board member. Chairperson, Norwegian Association for Green Infrastructure

Please register for your free attendance at the virtual Collaboration Incubator meeting here and please do forward this invitation to other potential GI project collaborators within your network.

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