In the press | Rainwater as a resource in the city


Blue-green infrastructure are key to help adapt urban rainwater management to climate change, reports Tagesspiegel Background (Germany).

In Germany and the EU, experts are calling for more commitment to adapting urban rainwater management to climate change. The focus is on new concepts such as a blue-green infrastructure and the networking of storage measures.

Luigi Petito, Head of the European Chapter of the World Green Infrastructure Network, was asked by Tagesspiegel about the benefits of green infrastructure for urban water management and the latest policy developments at EU level.

“A lot is happening right now, but there is still a lack of mandatory regulations for blue-green infrastructure in cities,” Petito said, pointing in particular at the upcoming revision of the EU Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD).

“Germany has played a pioneering role in the implementation of blue-green implementation of blue-green pilot projects in cities, but also in the development of technical solutions”, he added. Such examples could serve as a model throughout Europe.

Read the full article (German)

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