11 MAY: GRHC’s Urban Food Production Virtual Symposium!

11 MAY: GRHC’s Urban Food Production Virtual Symposium!

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been affected tremendously. With this, people are beginning to look for innovative solutions that will allow them to bounce back.

Urban agriculture has grown rapidly in popularity and is quickly being understood as a resilient solution to COVID19. Urban agriculture helps support strong local economies and brings communities back together again, two things that are vital in COVID19 recovery. Not only will urban agriculture be an effective solution with COVID19, but it also provides many other benefits.

          When you think of urban agriculture you probably think about urban space for food production, especially for fruits and vegetables. But, there are other viable types of production that you can get involved in, including microgreens, mushrooms, and edible insects! As well, urban agriculture has more capabilities than food production! It supports local economies, creates jobs, improves food access, and provides ecosystem services.

On May 11th, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities is hosting the Urban Food Production Virtual Symposium. The agenda will provide managers, researchers, and urban planners with an understanding of this burgeoning industry and tools to adopt these practices. GRHC brings together early adopters and pioneers so we can understand their successes and losses.

Approved for 3.75 APLD CEUs, 3.75 ASLA CEUs, 4 GRP CEUs and 3 AIA CEUs.

Admission: $50 USD

To learn more and register for the event: https://greenroofs.org/virtualevents/2021/5/11/urban-food-production-virtual-symposium

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