WGIN will present the 2023 Global Awards for best green infrastructure practice at the World Green Infrastructure Congress in Berlin 27 – 29 June 2023.

The WGIN Awards will acknowledge four categories.

  1. Built Environment Green Infrastructure (green roofs & green walls)
  2. Urban Landscape Green Infrastructure
  3. Research Green Infrastructure
  4. Policy Green Infrastructure

Award Category Submissions

Nominations open on 27 February 2023 and close on 14 May 2023.

Submission Forms for each Award Category can be downloaded, as follows:

  1. Built Environment Green Infrastructure – two award categories:
    – Green Roof Project Award: https://forms.gle/C8XqA3SiMK4E5EyS9
    – Green Wall Project Award: https://forms.gle/Jp2ZYYFfpNV3qkgN6
  2. Urban Green Infrastructure Award: https://forms.gle/eyGBZF5FkdB2r7Pf9
  3. Research on Green Infrastructure Award: https://forms.gle/SbNXR2BnjHEwz91x8
  4.  Policy for Green Infrastructure Award: https://forms.gle/qZVBszvd3UgfMVxAA

WGIN Award Conditions of Entry:

  • Nominations submitted by or on behalf of WGIN National Association members will be judged.
  • Each National Association member can nominate a maximum of two submissions for each award category.
  • Category submissions must have been completed; published or implemented after 01 January 2023.
  • National Association members can nominate award submissions from their own nation or from any other nation. There is no restriction on where the project; research or policy originated and was completed. National members are encouraged to choose nominations that are based on merit and efficacy.
  • Once submissions have been received by WGIN, they will be judged on merit by the WGIN judging panels; submissions may be promoted on the WGIN website prior to each category winner being announced at the World Green Infrastructure Congress. The winners for each category will receive a trophy and will also be promoted globally over the following year.

Further Information:

Contact your National Association for more information.

Contact WGIN for more information:





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